Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Teacher Assistant Handbook

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Contents (2001-2002)

Section 1 - System Philosophy
Section 2 - The Teacher Assistant Position
Section 3 - Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher Assistant
Section 4 - Instruction
Section 5 - Staff Development/Facilitating Personal Growth
Section 6 - Supervision and Evaluation
Section 7 - Union Membership
Section 8 - Board Policies - please see Appendix H for the Saskatoon Catholic School Division's Policies that pertain to the Teacher Assistant Position.
Section 9 - Work Schedule
Section 10 - System Organization


Appendix A - Best Practices
Appendix B - Student Health and Safety
Appendix C - Role Perception Activities
Appendix D - Student Observation and Recording
Appendix E - Teacher Assistant Self Evaluation
Appendix F - Board Policies: Teacher Assistant Supervision and Evaluation
Appendix G - Probationary Period - Article 12 of the Collective Agreement (see below)

Article 12 - Probationary Period
12.01   Probation shall be for the first (90) ninety calendar days of service by an employee with the Board. During the period an employee is on probation, the employee shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of this Agreement except with regard to dismissal.
12.02   After completion of the Probationary Period, seniority shall date from the original date of employment.
12.03   Notwithstanding the above provision, it is agreed that the Probationary Period for an employee may be extended for an additional one-hundred-eighty (180) calendar days by mutual consent between the Board and the Union. Such extension is to take the form of two 90 day extensions. Application for the first extension may be given at any time by either party prior to the completion of the original ninety (90) days of probation.

Appendix H - Board Policies: Teacher Assistant Qualifications and Duties and Responsibilities