Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

Instructional Leadership Handbook

Browse through the Instructional Leadership Handbook below, or download the first half of the handbook here, and the second half of the handbook here.

Catholic Education
Putting on the Mind of Christ and Directions & Undertakings

Curricula and Programs

Religious Education
Religious Education

Basic Skills For Learning
Background Information
Guide for Principal Directed School-Based Leadership Items
English Language Arts

Community Services
Community Services

French Immersion
French Immersion

Physical Education/Health
Physical Education
Health Education
Aids Education
Elementary Athletic Guidelines
Elementary Relay Guidelines
A Code of Ethics for Coaches and Players

Learning Resource Centre
Learning Resource Centre
The Role of the Teacher-Librarian

Science/Environmental Education
Science Education
Environmental Education

Arts Education
Arts Education

Social Studies
Social Studies

Applied Technology
Applied Technology

Child Hunger and Education Program
Child Hunger and Education Program

Native Studies
Native Studies

Aboriginal Language
Aboriginal Language Instruction

Various Programs and Items
Practical and Applied Arts
Family Life Education
Copyright for Education
Flag Protocol
Flag Precedence
Examples of Flag Procedure
National Anthem
Instructional Furniture
Instructional Equipment - Purchase and Repair
Instructional Budgets
"What You Need to Know about the New Copyright Act" Prepared by Wanda Noel, Barrister and Solicitor, Supporters

Student Services

Learning Assistance Program
For Students with Learning Difficulties
Roles and Responsibilities of the Learning Assistance Teacher
Adaptive Dimension in Core Curriculum
Learning Disabilities
Personal Program Plan for Students with Learning Difficulties Form
A Chronology of Events
Accommodations Form
Personal Program Plans for Students Experiencing Academic Difficulties
Transfer of Information
Release of Confidential Information Form
Learning Assistance Program Supports
Student Services Request Form - Forms available from Board Office
Transition to High School Learning Assistance Programs Form

Designated Disabled Program
Students with Designated Disabilities

Speech and Language Services
Scope of Speech-Language Services

English as a Second Language
English as a Second Language
Elementary - Services
ESL Teacher: Procedures for New Students in the Elementary School
Student Information Form
Personal Program Plan (PPP) Guidelines: Elementary
Elementary School ESL PPP Form
High School ESL Student Background Information Form

Safe Positive Schools
Protocol for Students with Problem Behaviour: Alternative Placement of Students Grades 1-6

Extended Learning Opportunities
Extended Learning Opportunities Program Description -Elaine Stakiw, Coordinator - Gifted Education
E.L.O. Program for Students Identified as Gifted
Differentiated Educational Plan for Gifted Students
Principles of a Differentiated Curriculum for the Gifted/Talented
A Chronology of Events

Parent Support Group
Parent Education
Parent Centers - 1998/99

Attendance Guidelines
Attendance Guidelines
Principals' Report of Irregular Attendance -Forms available from the Board Office

Tragic Events Response Team
Booklet available from Board Office

Child Abuse
Guidelines for Reporting Child Abuse

Teacher Assistant Allocations
Teacher Assistant Allocations and Assignments

Student Health and Safety Forms
Log for Administration of Medications
Log for Providing Medical Services
Parental Request Form - Request for Administering Emergency Medical Assistance and/or Medication
Parental Request Form - Request to Administer Medical Services
Parental Request Form - Request to Administer Prescribed Oral or Topical Medication
Parental Request Form - Request for Performing Personal Care Assistance
Physician Form - Procedures for Performing Medical Services
Physician Form - Procedures for Providing Emergency Medical Assistance and/or Medication

Aboriginal Education
Aboriginal Education