Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

High School Exit Survey Demo Version

Below are the instruction provided for the 'live' exit survey:

Instructions / Information

  • Ensure you have logged onto this computer using your student ID and password
  • A student may only complete the survey once.
  • The survey is anonymous. Results are collected by school, individual results are not available.
  • The purpose of the survey is to provide the division with your feedback about your high school experience and how well we did to meet your needs to transition out of high school. Results will be used to better improve our programs and services offered to our students.
  • Do not use the browser back button (arrow). This will cause an error as you proceed through the survey.
  • If you make an error and wish to change a response, wait until you complete the entire survey.
  • Once you have completed the survey, you are automatically returned to a window that allows you to review and edit your responses. If you wish to do this, proceed as follows:
    • Click on the "View Response [response number]" link
    • If you wish to edit responses, click the "Edit Response" button and cycle through the survey a second time. As you cycle through, you may change responses.
Click here to start High School Exit Survey (Demo version)