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English Language arts B30

Ken Hodson
The instructor for this course is:

Ken Hodson




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Course Description:


English Language Arts B30


ELA B30 is an issue-oriented course that is organized around human concerns in a global society. ELA B30 examines global perspectives using traditional and contemporary world literature in a comparative manner. In this course students are given the opportunity to explore their faith, thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions as they examine issues related to their world and the world of others. The course of study is divided into two issue-based units:

The Human Condition - In Search of Self
The Social Experience - Beyond Personal Goals

The ELA B30 course will explore an exciting new delivery system with the implementation of an interactive on-line class. The course design will offer a student-centered approach to learning. Students will be able to interact with the instructor and other students on a continual basis via e-mail, chat rooms, and bulletin boards. The wealth of resources and web-sites on the internet will truly make this course a study of global literature.




Course History

ELA A30 First Offered in 2001

Developed by Ken Nordick

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