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English Language arts A30

Lisa Kobelsky
The instructor for this course is:

Elizabeth Garcia-Breese




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Course Description:

This course is slated to be redeveloped for the fall. Students registering for this course will be required to have the entire course completed by the end of this academic school year.

English Language Arts A30

English language Arts A30 (ELA A30) is organized around themes that focus on Canadian literature and society. Themes in this curriculum are:

Canada--Diverse Landscapes and Peoples

Possible subthemes include: A Vast and Varied Land, Nature and the Seasons, Regional Landscapes, Identity and Diversity, Personalities and Values.

Canada--Diverse Voices

Possible subthemes include: Aboriginal Voices, Voices Through Time, Regional Voices, Multicultural Voices, Female and Male Voices, Marginalized Voices.



Course History

ELA A30 First Offered in 2001

Developed by Scott Tunison

Curriculum Guide



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