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Biology 30

Clint Binsfeld
The instructor for this course is: Clint Binsfeld




Course Description:

Biology 30

In Biology 30 there are five units of study in the Saskatchewan Curriculum:

1. Chemical Basis of Life
2. Cell Structure and Function
3. Genetics
4. Animal Systems
5. Evolution

Biology 30 is sometimes referred to as a 'human biology' course. Indeed many of the concepts will be related to the form and function of the human body. However, many other organisms and their similarities to humans will be illustrated. During our studies we will examine the latest scientific research and apply it to our units of study. We will have several online labs, reading assignments, and exams to evaluate your understanding of this course. Online videos and links to several excellent sites will be used to develop an appreciation for the wonderful world of Biology.




Course History

First Offered in 2006

Developed by Clint Binsfeld

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