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Communication media 20

Jason Sand
The instructor for this course is: Jason Sand




Course Description:

Communications Media 20

The Communication Production Technology 20 is designed for students to acquire and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in audio, video, and multimedia production technologies.


To develop knowledge, skills, and abilities used in communication production technologies.

To respond to current and innovative practices of the video, audio, and multimedia industry sector.

To develop team-building skills, technical skills, and communication skills required for the workplace.

To promote self-esteem, confidence, and a positive attitude to communication production technology and present the results of students' efforts in working and presentation portfolios.

To develop students' social and communication skills as practitioners, potential employees, and entrepreneurs in the communication production industry sector.

To provide a practical approach to developing and using students' skills and abilities in a variety of communication production ventures.

In brief, you will be involved in pre-production (planning), production (capturing/filming) and post-production (editing and producing) of several small video assignments. You will also be required to produce an individual project which you will select from several possible media types.



Course History

Communication First Offered in 2007

Developed by Reg Nakoneshny

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