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Media Studies 20

M.J. Sherven
The instructor for this course is: M.J. Sherven



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Course Description:


Media Studies 20

Foundational Objectives, as presented by Saskatchewan Learning for Media Studies 20:

Student will be able to:

. Recognize and appreciate the role of mass media in communication, in contemporary society, and their personal lives

. Recognize the codes, forms, and conventions of the various mass media

. Recognize the ways in which the various mass media shape their messages, and construct a sense of what the worlk is or how it works

. Analyze and evaluate the various mass media, in cluding their sources, intents, and underlying values

. Recognize the role and power of advertising in the mass media

. Extend and apply their speaking, listening, writing, reading, representing, and viewing abilities

. Extend and apply their representing and viewing abilities by designing and creating a media text




Course History

Media Studies First Offered in 2003

Developed by Eileen Laverty

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